Saturday, April 5, 2014

Anita Fuentes Reports on Obama and Pope's Meeting In March

I had a friend point this video out to me. I use to look at Anita's video's but when I saw that in the last year or so she has started asking for money throughout her broadcast I became a little disappointed and quit watching her but I do believe she may have a valid point in what she says in this video so I have posted it here.


James said...

Gail after the last few videos about the seed etc i found through the holy spirit another revelation from the Lord through an incredible video by a you tube channel called Endeavor Freedom called serpent seed cains lineage fallen angels tv Dr Joy
Pugh it is incredible.God bless you in YESHUA

Gail said...

Thank you James! I will certainly take a look.

James said...

Gail,having second thoughts about the video with Dr Joy with referring to satan as lord and all the noise in the video until they start to talk about aliens near the end something is not quite right.