Saturday, April 13, 2013

William Tyndale: A Martyr "More or Less Forgotten"

William Tyndale was a very brave man who was martyred for the sake of translating the Hebrew and Greek text of the Bible so that all English speaking people could have one. His translations are still used today in the KJV and other Bibles.

This video is a nine minute clip of the movie "God's Outlaw" (Tyndales life). It's worth the few minutes it takes to watch it.
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colin said...

Gail said...

This comment was posted by Colin and I accidentally deleted it. Sorry Colin!

I haven't forgotten this great man of God!
I spent a large part of my childhood living under the shadow of a great monument in North Nibley erected in his honour! This monument literally TOWERS over this tiny village, look at it on Wikipedia. I suffered from vertigo when I looked out of the top window as a boy! (Tyndale Monument is on the top of the Cotswold hills.
Most there have forgotten him!I went to school in that self same village, and not one teacher there mentioned anything about him, and what he did. Sad, sad and very sad.

colin said...

I deleted the first comment, because I couldn't edit it, as I wanted to add something to it. You deleted my updated comment, not the old one! Just as well we are not into bomb disposal?!
Anyway I just wanted to say that Tyndale monument can be seen from a great distance and is very near the busy M5 motorway which is used daily by tens of thousands of people; so it is a silent witness to many in this apostate age. Should it not make folk enquire as to what the thing is doing there?
It is just as well that it was built when it was, I think around 1860, because I am very sure it wouldn't get built today!

God bless you

Gail said...

Hi Colin,

LOL, that’s funny! I’m sorry! I had just looked at your post again and I had several notifications in my email so I deleted one thinking it was the same one and for some reason I looked to see if maybe I deleted it from my site on accident and it was deleted so I thought I done it: LOLOLOL

Seriously speaking, that is a very sad tale you tell: no one recognizes or knows who this most GREAT MAN of GOD is; not even in his home town? Surely, he was a man of God? I would trust his interpretation over anybody’s. It seems that when people look at the History of the Bible they stop with the King James Version and never recognize where King James got the biggest part of his translation from: the sacrifices of such a great man! So very sad!

William Tyndale certainly has a place in the Kingdom! What a wonderful man! Every breath he took was for God and for the English speaking folk to have knowledge in His Word. He gave his carnal life and his literal life so that we as the English speaking people could have the Bible. He was surely God sent!

God Bless!

Tommy said...

A diamond geezer, God willing I look forward to shaking his hand when I get upstairs.