Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obama Communist? That's What Joel Gilbert Tells WND?

Written by Gail Green

WND web site reporter Senior staff reporter Jerome R. Corsi wrote an interesting article today about a man named Joel Gilbert who asked the question: How is it possible Barak Obama had time to teach little Barry to love jazz? In the interview with WND Mr. Gilbert told the reporter “Obama’s official life story claims he was with Barack Obama, the Kenyan, only one time, in the early 1970’s, and then briefly, for a week or ten days,” Mr. Gilbert told WND, “There was a man who raised Obama who was a jazz aficionado, his name was Frank Marshall Davis” “It appears the Obama campaign is finally admitting I’m right, that Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist Party USA propagandist and Marxist, was his real father. So there you have I, Obama is a red diaper baby.”  

Mr. Gilbert with the help of his associates made a video documentary expressing his findings collected over a two year period of research. Mr. Gilbert portrays quit a contrary view to what Obama did in his book “Dreams From my father.” The author’s main objective in making this documentary “Dreams from My Real Father” is to reveal the real crux of Obama’s childhood learning. You can watch below or use it as a link to visit Mr. Gilbert’s You Tube channel where you can find more information about his understanding of this side of Obama. Visit WND and find out why Mr. Corsi brings it up now in his article "More Confusion AboutObama's Real Father (Who is the dad who taught him to 'love jazz'?."


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